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Types of pension plans

Friday, June 29th, 2018
Pension plans are pension savings instruments that work based on the capital contributions made by their promoters and / or owners; These contributions are invested in different financial assets, whose composition will depend on the type of plan, with the aim of maximizing profitability subject to the criteria set out in the investment policy thereof.

Pension plans can be qualified according to three criteria :

Pension plans according to promoter

Pension plans according to contributions and benefits

There are three types of pension plans depending on who promotes the plan. The promoter can be any company, company, corporation, union or collective . That is, the promoter is the one who undertakes the creation of the plan and, therefore, should not be confused with the holders or participants of the pension plan, which are the clients that hire said plan.

  • Individual pension plans: they are promoted by financial entities and their holders are natural persons. These plans are hired on a personal basis by clients who want to save and invest in their future. In this type of pension plans come, for example, those offered by banks and other financial institutions.
  • Employment pension plans: they are promoted by companies or corporations and the owners are their own employees. The contributions to the plan are made by the promoter company itself or by the employee in a personal capacity.
  • Associated pension plans: promoted by unions, associations or unions and their holders are their own members or affiliates. Only holders can contribute to the pension plan.

Pension plans according to contributions and benefits

A pension plan is nurtured based on the contributions made by its owners or promoters. Based on these contributions, the owner can expect future benefits. Thus, depending on the type of contributions made and the benefits received by them, three types of pension plans can be found:

  • Defined contribution plans: in these pension plans a contribution is fixed that the owner or promoter of the plan will assume on a regular basis. In this type of pension plan no future benefits are stipulated, that is to say, at the time of the rescue of the plan, the owner can expect to recover his invested capital as well as a positive or negative return, which will vary according to the investments that have been made. made the plan. These pension plans are available for the three forms of promoter: individual, employment and associates.
  • Defined benefit plan : in these pension plans it is guaranteed that at the time of redemption, the owner will receive their contributed capital as well as a benefit or previously defined profitability. These pension plans are only available in the form of employment and associates.
  • Mixed plans: these pension plans combine characteristics of the previous two. On the one hand, a periodic contribution is fixed to which the owner or developer must face; on the other hand, a minimum return or benefit is established, which the plan holder will access at the time of the rescue. These pension plans are only available in the form of employment and associates.

Pension plans according to your investment policy

Pension plans according to your investment policy

Depending on the types of assets in which the plan invests, or the composition between different types of assets, we can find the following classification:

  • Short-term and long-term fixed income : these pension plans invest capital in fixed-income financial assets, both public (Governments) and private (companies). Fixed-income securities have a lower theoretical risk than other financial products but, in turn, an expected return is also lower. The average duration of the short-term bond portfolio can not be more than two years. (shorter duration implies lower risk) and will be greater than two years in the case of the long-term fixed income category.
  • Mixed fixed income : these plans invest in both fixed income and variable income, although to invest in the latter there is a stipulated maximum of capital that can be allocated: 30% of the total plan.
  • Equities : these pension plans invest in variable income assets, such as listed shares. These pension plans offer a higher expected return than the fixed income plans, but they are also exposed to a higher risk of losses.
  • Mixed equity: these plans combine the investment of capital between equities, to which they allocate between 30 and 75% of the capital of the pension plan, and fixed income.
  • Guaranteed : in the guaranteed pension plans it is guaranteed that the owner will recover at the expiration all the initial capital invested, as long as he keeps his money until maturity. These pension plans carry a very low risk, although their profitability is also lower than that of other similar savings products.

It is advisable to contract a type of pension plan or another based on the investor profile that you want to adopt, which will depend, among other factors, on the time remaining until retirement. At your BBVA office, you will be informed about the different options you have for saving for your retirement.


Urgent loans from Zaimo (currency) up to € 5,000

Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

Image result for zaimo monedoZaimo (now called Monedo ) increases the money limit that minicréditos until now, reaching up to 5,000 euros , as well as the deadline to return the money, with a maximum of 36 months . It is not necessary to provide any type of documentation and it is possible to access them even if they are included in the Asnef list. Now he also works under the brand Monedo Now.


Benefits No Payroll: Do not With Asnef: Yes Cash: Do not Limits Minimum term: 3 months Deadline: 48 months Minimum loan: € 750 Maximum loan: € 5,000

Additional information of Zaimo (now Currency)

The Zaimo brand no longer exists, the product was unified with Monedo Now, another fast credit of the Kreditech group. The previous conditions of the loan have been updated in the text. If you want to request an online credit with Monedo Now of up to 5,000 euros, you can do so by clicking here.

 Zaimo changes its name and is now called Monedo Now , this company offers the possibility of requesting a quick loan of up to 5,000 euros to all people living in Spain, with the commitment to respond to the request in 12 minutes. The amount that can be requested is between € 750 to € 5,000 and the period from 3 months to 36 months. With these amount and term margins, Zaimo is the reference in Spain in the fast loans market, as the company is more flexible in adapting to the circumstances and financial needs of any type of customer.

The sector of fast loans is in full swing, and the entities that offer them are increasing, increasing competition and the offers and promotions that are offered, which has an impact on better conditions for the applicant . So far, the latest campaign to attract customers had been to offer a free first loan, as do companies like Creditomas.

Request HERE up to € 5,000 with Zaimo (Currency)

Zaimo is a new entity of the Kreditech group that now changes its name and offers its loans under a new brand called Monedo , and it gives a new twist to the urgent financing market. These are credits of up to 5,000 euros , with a maximum return period of up to 48 months . This is a very remarkable change since, until now, the maximum we could find in this type of product was 800 euros and the amortization time did not usually exceed 30 days.

 Although the limit of money and term is greater, it can be considered that Zaimo falls within the so-called microcredit due to its low requirements for the acceptance of the application and for the speed with which the money can be obtained, which may be available in your bank account in less than an hour . Your commitment is to respond in just 12 minutes, so the client will know if he can have the urgent money he needs.

The entity belongs to the German financial group Kreditech Holding SSL GmbH, which is also the owner of Kredito24 and of Monedo Now , quick credit firms that are well known and have achieved great popularity in our country.

How to apply for a loan with Monedo?

Image result for howLoans of up to 5,000 euros can only be requested through the Zaimo website . After choosing the amount you need and the number of monthly installments, you must fill in your personal information. The entity will provide you with an automatic system to confirm the ownership of your bank account instantly.


If you use this system you will not have to send any document and the process will last a few minutes. Once your request is received, the automatic system, which is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week , will evaluate your situation and in a few minutes you will receive a response.

According to your data and the information you have provided about your income, the system will make a proposal about the interest that you will have to pay to receive the loan, depending also on the money you have requested and the amortization time chosen.

The requirements to obtain an urgent loan with Monedo (Zaimo) are very few. You must be of legal age and reside legally in Spain. You have to have a mobile phone and a bank account in a bank that operates in our country. In addition, it is possible to get accepted to the application even being on the Asnef list , although you must prove that you are solvent.

To return the money can be done through the Trustly system or through a monthly transfer to Zaimo.

It must be remembered that Zaimo applies a custom interest rate for each client, so that the better the credit score, the lower the interest rate will be. Once the application form is completed, Zaimo informs the client of the interest applied based on the risk and the client himself will decide if he accepts these conditions. It is advisable to compare with other companies in our section of quick credits to find the loan that best suits each person.

Advantages of zaimo credits

Image result for advantages

If we think of Monedo (Zaimo) as a personal online loan, something very realistic thinking that your loans reach 8,000 euros, the main advantage over other loans is the speed as the customer is answered in less than 15 minutes any day of the week at any time, including weekends, holidays or at dawn. If that answer is positive, the money is available in the client’s account in a maximum of 24 hours.


But even if what is intended is to obtain a mini-credit Zaimo can be a great solution, for small amounts of 500 or 600 euros the great advantage of Zaimo is that you can return the money in small monthly installments and at a much lower interest rate than that offer fast-loan companies.

The third characteristic is that they allow requests from clients with ASNEF and even without payroll , provided that a source of monthly income can be demonstrated.

In short, a very quick response after requesting a loan, flexibility in the installments and responding to all types of customers are the main characteristics of Zaimo.

REMEMBER: now Zaimo is Currency, so when entering your website do not be surprised that when requesting the money you change the image and logo of the company, it is normal, it will redirect you to the new website of Currency Now, the conditions, requirements and everything else will remain the same.